Join the "Daughters of Revolution" Challenge



It is easy to join, connect, and become a part of His-story for America! 


  • Put together a committed group of intercessors (preferably 2-4) to pray for America once a week for a minimum commitment of 4 weeks.  (Our first group committed to 12 weeks and the Lord continued to add each week to our prayers and momentum.)


  • Assign someone to record or write highlights of what the Holy Spirit reveals and has you pray through.


  • Submit a brief prayer report highlighting what the Holy Spirit highlighted via email. 


Using the prayer highlights report we will share what the Holy Spirit is doing through the prayer groups corporately that are ONE in Him!


From sundown October 11th to sundown October 12th, which is the Day of Atonement, we will all commit to pray for our nation on that day and bring up all our intercession before the King!


By signing up for DOR, you will receive a free DOR booklet download, instructions for sending your prayer highlights in and encouragement to hear how your prayers are making a difference for the King.  We will also add your group to our map of America so we can see where all the DOR groups are who are praying.


DOR Booklets will also be available for purchase on the shopping cart at  




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