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The Heart of the "Daughters of Revolution"


America is in a historical critical hour.  Our nation is being divided in half while our Christian foundation and laws of the land are being changed, compromised, and omitted to fit an agenda other than the Lord’s for this nation. 

The Daughters of Revolution are women who are committing to praying for our nation in this critical hour.  We have the privilege of joining heavens plan for America as well as join in communication with each other as to what the Holy Spirit is saying through each prayer group.  


All across the nation, women can join DOR, forming small prayer groups of their own that are committed to pray God’s heart for this nation. DOR will be the HUB to communicate to one another what God had each of us pray and what He is saying. This will encourage us all to keep pressing into heaven’s court.


On the Day of Atonement, we ask all Daughters of Revolution to set aside time to pray for America as we partner with God’s appointed time to “humble ourselves and pray.” Through faith, obedience, and the willingness to follow the Holy Spirit in prayer, each of our prayers will be used to carry God’s promise forward for America. 


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