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Fundraising Campaigns


Throughout the year Mo'Manna undertakes fundraising efforts to help support God's people and organizations that fall in to one of the funding provisions categries found under Mo'Manna Provisions. Current and ongoing funding campaigns can be found below. Please help us in raising money for these important needs. 



MISSIONS: Matt's African Missionary work

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Matt has a passion to share the Good News with the people of Africa.  Join us as we link together to support Matt in his journey back to Africa through prayer and financial support.  



Matt is a gifted photographer, and God has used the pictures he has taken of the African people to capture the hearts of the people to share God’s story through his journey there.  These pictures are a resource as well to bring in donations for Africa.  If you would like to buy one of Matt’s amazing pictures, go to


EDUCATION:  Royal Roots Curriculum

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If you are interested in supporting the ongoing instruction and production of the Royal Roots Curriculum, please donate here.

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