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Mo'Manna Provisions

Mo' Manna has established two categories of "manna" to help God's people fulfill their destinies. The first focuses on spiritual food found in "Built for Wisdom."  The second category focuses on the financial means to carry out God's wisdom through our "Provisions Supply." Through Mo' Manna Provisions, we are an extension of God's hand to help, and believe that these efforts will multiply, diversify, and unify the community with God's love and build His Kingdom.



BUILT FOR WISDOM - Through "Built For Wisdom," Mo' Manna provides teaching and resources on Gods' Word, counsel, gatherings, helpful tools, and prayer to help leaders move ahead in their Kingdom calling.



PROVISIONS SUPPLY - Mo' Manna has established eleven categories purposed to financially support leaders, individuals, families, and communities through transitions and hardships that we call our Provisions Supply.


Provisions Supply Categories:


  • Feed My Sheep - Provision for widows and orphans through difficult and unexpected hardships.

  • Young America - Supporting Christian youth gatherings and individuals dedicated to fulfilling their generational destiny to impact the future of America with God's heart.

  • Honoring the Sabbaths - Providing funding for Feast Celebrations and Firstfruit Gatherings honoring God's calendar to share God's blueprint of His Covenant.

  • Operation Acts - Caring for Christian leaders and missionaries with their personal expenses because of their sacrifice to the community.

  • American Trailblazers - Supporting foundational expenses for Godly leaders wanting to make an impact to serve their community thorugh their gift and talent.

  • United in Him - Supporting Christian events that are unifying the body of Christ and serving the needs of the community. 

  • HIs Kingdom Hub - Supporting the "Father's Business" through the building of a "kingdom hub" - an equipping center for God's saints to be trained and sent out to be His army.

  • Emergency Preparedness - Providing funding for emergency situations due to natural disasters.

  • Christians in Crisis - Helping Christian families through a difficult crisis.

  • Mo' Manna Missions - Supporting individuals called to go out and share God's heart thorugh their service and love.

  • Go Joseph's! - Supporting "refuges" that have a heart to "Feed His Sheep" through shelter, rest, and sustenance.



Through Mo' Manna Provisions, we are distributing financial help that will in time will multiply and prosper out into the community in sharing God's love. As we extend our hand to help, we are believing that those efforts will multiply, diversify, and unify the body of Christ as well in God's heart.

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