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Our ROYAL Roots

My Journey of Discovering Our Royal Roots

As a child, I remember having a love and appreciation for America that was beyond my years of understanding. I came to the conclusion when I got older that it must have been because I was a navy brat who had first hand experience living outside the USA. The minute my 12-year-old feet landed on American soil after living oversees, I felt like I would explode with the joy. I was so thankful to call this nation “home.” McDonald’s even looked good at first sight! It is hard for many Americans to comprehend how blessed this country is, but the military families are afforded that understanding through the sacrifices of their service. Today, 40 years later, I still shed a tear every time I hear the song, “I’m Proud to be an American!”

It was not until 1994, when I was 30 years old, that God gave me a heavenly vision for America. At the time I had no idea it would have such an impact on my life and my destiny:

I was taken to a room God spoke to my heart was the Oval Office. In the forefront of my vision however was not the president’s desk. His desk was decorating the background of this first scene. I was looking at a long meeting table with 12 chairs in the center of the room. Instead of a person sitting in each chair, there was a black cloud sitting above each chair that hung in mid air.

As I continued to gaze at this scene and had figured out what I was looking at, I then realized God was with me in the room. His presence was holy and expansive; every inch of the room was filled by His presence. He was so angry and so was I as began to understand what I was seeing. What once was a room filled with light had been overtaken by the presence of these dark clouds.

After sometime of taking in this scene, God began to speak to each cloud one at time. He reminded each cloud that sat in a chair of the chances He had given them an opportunity to choose righteousness and to follow His way instead of following after the dictates of their own heart and the worship of Baal.

Then with one big breathe, God blew His fury at a cloud and it disappeared. He quickly moved on to the next cloud hanging in the adjacent chair and repeated the same deliberation. Finally, after He had addressed each cloud, and blew them out with His fury, the table was clean and empty. The chairs were empty as well. There was a great sense of peace around the table, but the scene looked like a canvas waiting for the painter to come and finish the work.

My attention left the table as I followed the Father’s gaze over to the Presidents desk. Beside the desk on the right side was a chair with an enormous black, thick, disgusting cloud that was so vile I could barely stand to look at it. It had needles jabbing in and out of it and there was so much chaos wrapped in its core that was spewing out evil. I had a hard time even looking at it because it was so dark and demonic and terribly strong. What caught me off guard was that this cloud was mocking me with its pride and tempting me with its fear.

Then I saw God point His finger at it and He began to speak with the greatest of anger that was so deep, piercing, and to the point. He uncovered its scheme in an instant as He spoke to its core of how it manipulated and polluted His people and had positioned itself at the top to spew forth lies and fornication.

There was no grace for this cloud in God's heart. He had seen the destruction it caused His people and it was time for Him to destroy it. And yet, as only a loving Father would do, He paused with such sadness before casting judgment. You could virtually see drops of mercy dripping from His being.

Then God took a deep breath in. For a brief moment, silence filled the air as the impending judgment was anticipated. A mighty rushing wind blew so fiercely that I was in awe of its power. The cloud stubbornly clung on with all its might at first. After putting up a fight and loosing its strength, it then left under the power of God's authority.

There was a part of me that believed God gave the cloud a chance to surrender in the battle, but it never did. Seeing that pride hold on, God then released His true strength.

After that stubborn cloud left, God and I stepped back and looked straight at the oval desk where the President sits. There was a moment of silence and sadness again from the Lord. He was so hurt, and yet so angry that this cloud had bought into the lies and manipulations of the vile cloud He had just blown away. All responsibility, He reminded him, rested on the shoulders of the one in charge of the oval office, and He was disappointed this presidential cloud had not followed His ways. And so it was… His time.

With great remorse because of His loving nature, He took the time to point out the choices this cloud made so that truth could be visible at the table. And finally, with a somber and yet emphatic word, He judged the cloud and blew it out forcefully. This time though, the force of God’s strength wiped the cloud out in an instant.

Now the whole room was cleaned out and empty, but clear and fresh and ready for new beginnings. There was a dramatic long pause. Silence filled the air once again. God then instructed me to pray for the next President. I got a picture of a Christian minister who at the time was the only preacher I had heard that was bold enough to cry out for America to repent and admonish God's people to come back to God. And so I began to pray as instructed until the Lord told me to stop. I never saw that President take his seat at the oval office, but knew deep inside, God was working through my intercession for His purpose down the road.

This vision God gave me 21 years ago has anchored my hope for this nation, even in the midst of things that seem to be going in the wrong direction.

While sitting at a Graham Cooke meeting in October of 2011, the Lord spoke to me about this vision once again. He showed me that he was raising up His army to partner with Him to be His voice to speak to those clouds in the days ahead. I understood in an instant what He meant. I understood that the “Harlot” the bible talks about in the book of Revelation had put her hooks in our nation to take it down. In His mercy, He was going to release revelation for His Bride to get prepared before the shaking. Then, with His sharp edged sword, Jesus was going to administer His justice and mercy because this land had been birthed in Covenant with Him, and it carried the hope of the nations as a part of its destiny.

Simultaneously In 2011, God had begun opening up revelation to me in His Word concerning the people chosen throughout biblical history used to establish His Covenant throughout history. As I began to trace that trail to America’s heritage, I was able to connect the dots of this vision of the Oval Office and understand why God’s heart beats for America.

The trail through history from the cross to the shores of America in 1607 proved to be key in God’s covenant plan. And the trail continues on today as we begin the shift to understand our national covenant purpose tied into the nations of the world.

Jesus will return as King to rule over the nations. He will come back and take dominion of His Kingdom here on earth, and He will start with the Covenanted Nations as they have been chosen to serve their King of Kings. By the end of the Millennium, the earth will be covered with His glory!

How can it be that the words God spoke to Father Abraham can somehow be connected to America?

Long after the disciples dispersed to share the Good News with the “lost sheep of Israel” and the world, God spoke to the pilgrims to “get out of their culture,” (From the British establishment who controlled the church) and go toward freedom found through His covenant to this new land, America, a place God’s people could be free to worship Him. There is no coincidence that America means, “heavens kingdom,” and that this was the first nation that allowed for Jesus to be King instead of an earthly king. With our motto, “One Nation UNDER God,” and a Constitution that was created for men to freely serve Him, our nation became a torch to bear His light to the nations.

As we are entering into a new chapter (age) of God’s story, we find history has repeated itself as it did with the children of Israel living in the Promised Land. Soon after they settled in Canaan, the tribes found themselves adopting worldly foundations that separated themselves from God’s ruler ship. There is nothing new under the sun. America has repeated the same offense, and now we are beginning to reap the consequences of making choices outside of God’s rulership.

Thankfully, we have the opportunity through the blood of Jesus and the power and truth of the Holy Spirit, for America to find mercy and finish in victory. WE have an opportunity in this time of transition to adjust and prepare for His Return. NOW God is taking the veil off our eyes so we can walk in His truth. Understanding our identity in Him as revealed through scriptures will move us into action to remove ourselves from false foundations to stand against evil.

In this series, we will build a trail that goes back to the Garden of Eden where God made a covenant with Adam. We will discover the rebellion of the people to each subsequent Covenant and the redemption each offers to come back to the heart of the Father. Finally, taking all those Covenant promises, God Himself would perfect them through His Son Jesus, and will fulfill with His “Bride.” We look forward to the Millennium, as the world will see the manifestation of heaven here on earth bringing the fullness of His Covenant Promises of redemption, sanctification, and glorification of mankind with their Creator.

God has hidden His truth through the ages because of man’s rebellious nature while working His redeeming plan for mankind. Revelation is in the hands of God UNTIL He determines to release it. America has lost its identity and heritage in Him over the years. Without that root, we have been fading away from His truth. It has been the work of the Harlot at hand. But God is faithful to keep His covenant. And it is HIS TIME to release Kingdom revelation.

Americans have always possessed courage and strength. It is a gift we inherited from our forefathers who came to this land to have the freedom to love the Lord. We must have His conviction like our founding fathers did if we are to turn away from the Harlot whom has weaved into our culture. God’s people will not survive the turbulent times of correction ahead if they have built their faith on a foundation of lies. They need the ROCK, the solid truth, to see through the circumstances up ahead through the Father’s heart and to become a nation of “overcomers.”

It is time. It is HIS TIME! If you are reading this, it is YOUR time to know His story and be identified as His. His grace is calling you closer to His heart, to separate you to carry His seed of truth.

When it was GOD’S TIME, Father Abraham was chosen to be the one God would begin His unconditional covenant with a chosen “seed.” In Genesis 12, God spoke to Abraham and told him to leave Ur and go to Canaan. Ur was deep into a culture of Baal worship and God wanted to remove Abraham from that culture to free Him to know and trust God. God wanted to bring Abraham to a land that God himself could put His landmarks, His foundation, His promise in so He could be married to His people. He would choose to multiply His seed through Abraham’s obedience and his heart to follow God. God said to Abraham,

Abraham left (Babylonian leadership) at the command of God.

Later in history, when it was GOD’S TIME, the Christian pilgrims were chosen by God to go and “get out of their culture” and establish His foundation for this nation. Our Founding Fathers had this conviction as well. They had to come against the British establishment whose army was great and strong and whose “kings and priests” used their power to control the worship of God’s people. As a leader in the battle, Washington had to humble Himself and ask God to guide him and lead him in the way he should go. Great responsibility rested on his shoulders that he took to prayer for answers, truth and guidance.

Join me in His army as we discover how to advance into this next season of His Kingdom. You may be one of God’s leaders, another George Washington in the spirit who has God’s heart for His people and have been called to serve Him in this pivotal hour.

We have the blueprint laid before us on how to be victorious in an epic Battle between good and evil. As Ezekiel describes, we will understand how to be “ONE WHEEL” in Him. We will all have an understanding of His story for us. We will all understand our position in His army. We will all have His heart. We will all march to His drumbeat. We will all be required to fortify and strengthen each other with His manna. No man will get the glory. No man in His army will try to fill God’s shoes. Everyone will know that is a place and position ONLY the Father can dwell in. And God’s remnant will understand this because of their love for Him and His promise to His bride as they find the secrets to becoming an “overcomer.”

Picture of Jesus coming back on horse with His army. “Behold, I come quickly. Blessed is he that keepeth the sayings of the prophecy of this book.” Rev. 22:7

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